The Limb Paint Factory in it's infancy.
image1.JPG, 233*202 image2.JPG, 338*214

Rod placement in Space Marine backpack, just be cearful not to drill the hole to deep like I did, Think for the others I will angle the hole inwards.
image3.JPG, 79*71

A couple of shots with rod in hand, I placed a little Masking tape just before the end of the rod to act as a grip.
image4.JPG, 295*316 image5.JPG, 209*244

The Limb Paint Factory in full swing, the Terminator arms are what started this, I was sick of not being able to get behind the shields on Close Combat Terminators, so I thought id use this method on all models from now on.
image6.JPG, 457*129

image7.JPG, 173*139 image8.JPG, 277*209

What you will need:

Brass Rod, 1mm dia, 50p/Meter, (4D modelshop Ltd)
Pin Vice with a 1mm dia Bit,
Masking Tape,
A box for placing your limbs on whilst you work on them,
a Pair of Cutters (Like the GW ones).

Setting up:

First off, cut you Rod into managable sections, you should be able to get 16 from a 1Meter rod.
If you find handling the rod a bit tricky, cut a couple of cm of masking tape and wrap it around the rods, about 1cm from the end (you need to be able to poke the rod throu the box still).
With the Pin Vice, Poke/Drill holes in an even fashion on the lid of the box.
After cleaning you model parts, locate a place to drill a hole, no more than 3-4mm deep into and drill it.
Place a peice of rod into the hole, if it is not a tight fit take your cutters and gently squeez the tip of the rod a couple of times, you will find that you now get a tight fit.

Now your ready to start using you Limb Painting Factory (tm)